Mumbai University V-C pushes for digital assessment of papers


The vice-chancellor of the University of Mumbai has issued an order that has asked teachers to stop correcting answer scripts manually and go for online assessment instead.

The exams started mid-March and as the university is yet to select an agency to install the facility, teachers had started marking the papers manually.

“The examination house has received orders that clearly say that all papers are to be marked digitally this year. We have no choice but to follow orders. Assessment can resume only after on-screen facilities are implemented,” said an official from the university.In January, MU VC Sanjay Deshmukh had announced that the university would introduce on-screen assessment for all its courses. Each of the 19.5 lakh answer sheets were to be scanned and assessed on computers.

HT had reported about MU’s attempts to find more than one bidder for the project. The first tender was floated in March, which had no takers. So the university floated a second tender inviting bids from online agencies. In the first week of April, a third tender was floated with relaxed norms to attract agencies.

“The final bid should be selected by April 22, and until then, all manual assessment will be stalled,” added the official.

While MU waits for the best bid to kick-off its digital assessment project, colleges are worried that this move will further delay the process of announcing results. MU has already received much flak from institutes and students for delaying results of more than 150 courses by three months and more. The TYBMS result was announced almost four months later, leaving students with no time to apply for re-evaluation.